Bonnie Greenwell

Bonnie Greenwell Bonnie is a transpersonal psychotherapist, spiritual educator, and author, who offers satsang, non-dual discussion groups, webinars, retreats and mentoring for people in a spiritual awakening process. She is the founder of Shanti River Center, her sangha in Ashland, OR, authored The Kundalini Guide and The Awakening Guide, contributed to Kundalini Rising and edited Adya's book Emptiness Dancing. Her teaching focuses on an embodied form of meditation, and spontaneous dharma talks pointing to the immense awakeness that is living our lives. She is available for phone or skype consultations and has provided guidance for more than 30 years to people experiencing challenges with kundalini energy or in spiritual crisis. You can see an interview with Bonnie at filmed April 27, 2015 or on Conscioustv, posted in March 2017.

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