Retreat with Mukti, Vol. 1

Vajrapani ~ Oct-Nov 2010 9 MP3 Download 13 hrs. 19 min. $65.00

This 9-download set offers Mukti's engaging talks, transformative guided meditations, and insightful inquiry dialogues from her 5-night silent retreat at Vajrapani Institute.

Numerous and Varied Topics Include:

  • Settling into Silence
  • Finding Natural Rhythm in Meditation
  • The Great Death
  • An Exploration of Awareness
  • Dropping Questions into Your Being
  • The Perspective of the One
  • Stripping Away Self-Image
  • Honoring Our Energies Wisely
  • Opening to Struggle
  • The Art of Receptivity
  • Non-Proprietary Knowing
  • Inquiring into the Center
  • What Wants to Know

Quotes from this Download Set: “When the push-pull of the ‘me’ settles into the undivided nature of self there can be a revelation of our true nature.”

“Set aside the sense of something missing and get curious about what wants to know.”

“All of experience will align itself around a deep question.”

“What is it to abide as the noticing?”

“There is a harmonizing principle in quietude.”

“Sometimes it can feel like there’s a forgetting where home is—just don’t believe it.”

“What if it isn’t about being an ideal self but being what you are now?”

Please Note: The Thursday morning satsang on Nov 4, 2010 was not recorded and is not included in this download set.

Recorded in Boulder Creek, CA on Oct 31–Nov 5, 2010.
© 2010–2011 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-203