For those who have special physical/medical needs, the following information may be helpful when planning for a retreat.

  • All retreat sites have some wheelchair-accessible housing options, and retreat meeting halls and dining buildings are wheelchair accessible.
  • All retreat sites have some accommodations that require using stairs or walking long distances, and not all paths are lit at night.
  • Mount Madonna Center’s tent camping and some cabins require walking up a hill and through a wooded area.

Although the retreat sites will make every reasonable effort to find the right accommodation for your needs, all housing for these events is “first come, first served.” For this reason, we cannot guarantee that your specific requests will be met.

The structure of the retreat itself can be rigorous, including several silent sitting sessions each day that last up to 40 minutes each, a 1-hour talk by Mukti, and a 2-hour Q&A session with Mukti per day. Attending every silent sitting is not mandatory. Mukti will lead one period of qigong each day that helps promote the unfolding and embodiment of the retreat experience. The schedule includes three meal breaks throughout the day.

If you need special assistance in order to be on retreat, please make all arrangements prior to arriving at the retreat. If it is not possible for you to participate within this format, we recommend attending a 1- or 2-day event instead. The schedule is less rigorous and does not require participants to maintain silence over multiple days.

Those who would like to explore the depth of retreat teachings in private, or are unable to attend a retreat in person, are encouraged to create their own retreat experience with one of the MP3 download sets recorded on retreat.

If you have further questions, please call or contact Programs.