Inherent Power

Engaging Potency in Spiritual Practice & Conscious Living
Self-Guided Course

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This Course Includes:

  • Course guidelines for maximizing your experience.
  • Four 2-hour recorded sessions of broadcasts from the live online course “Inherent Power” (2019). Sessions include talks followed by dialogues with original course participants. (Video stream and audio download.)
  • Session notes to help you remember and integrate the teachings from each session.
  • Four exercises to help you apply the teachings during the weeks between sessions. (Video stream and audio download.)
  • Four written exercises to help you inquire into deeper experiences of the teachings.
  • One bonus dialogue (Mukti and Jerilyn Munyon, Director of Open Gate Sangha)
  • A PDF of all Q&A. A 50-page printable PDF that includes all the Session Notes as well as written Q&A between Mukti and the original course participants.
  • Audio MP3s of all the content that you can download to your computer or device* so you can revisit the teachings indefinitely.

Course materials are accessible for six months from date of purchase. All audio and written materials are downloadable during this periord.

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Recorded October 2019 in San Jose, CA.
© 2019-2020 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

You are welcome to gather with others to watch sessions, but the course materials are for registered participants only. We request that participants do not share any of this material on social media or other internet channels.

The subject of power is often both exciting and challenging. The very word “power” may bring up associations of fulfillment, strength, loss, lack, or a manifold of other impressions that relate to yourself, the world around you, or life as a whole. 

It seems that now, more than ever, is the time for deep inner work that can bring not only our associations with power, but also our beliefs, motivations, and conditions surrounding power to a conscious level. For the more conscious you are of how you know and do not know power—in direct experience—the more free you are to respond and express with behaviors that reflect that clarity.

Such inner work is founded in fostering skillful presence. In presence, you can sense how varying states of both consciousness and energy influence power—toward naturally fluid or unnaturally forced expressions. In presence, malalignment and division can be transformed and can strengthen capacities of expressing inherent power of being.

The focus of this course will be your inner and direct understanding and actualization of this inherent power of being. Through presented explorations, power-related inquiries, and practices for cultivating, realigning, and liberating energy, you are meant to refine your sense and expression of personal and transpersonal power, for the sake of yourself and the whole of life.

~ Mukti

Topics include:

  • Inherent Power vs. Egoic Power
  • A Paradigm of True Power
  • The Importance of Energetic Center Alignment 
  • The Effects of the Three Body Centers on Power
  • The Awe of Interconnectedness
  • Joining the Head and Hara Centers 
  • Inherent Power of the Heart 
  • The Gateway to Stillness 
  • Role Models of Inherent Power
  • Thinking Mind vs. Spatial Mind
  • Freeing Identification
  • Recognizing the Light of Awareness 

"Inherent power acts and expresses from a different paradigm than a sense of self that wants to attain power as if it’s a commodity. It may be challenging to set aside one’s organizing principle around ego identity, but that is what is required of this paradigm."

"Absolute alignment with one’s essence of being has an incredible strength which isn’t about power over or against. It is based on essential nature that is forever untouched."

"Inherent power comes from the essence of life itself. It is born from the whole and is in service to the whole, but it can be expressed by individuals. It can be particular and also be part of the larger movement of life itself."

"When heaven & earth join, it is a union of spirit & matter, or unmanifest & manifest, formlessness & form. In this, opposites converge and are held in paradox. Above/below, inside/outside, nirvana/samsara are known in oneness."

"The heart center is a key part of coming to know inherent power in an essential way that aligns you with the intelligence of life."

"When more attention is placed on the hara, your energy will become less top-heavy and more settled. Sense your balance. Even your core muscles can gather energy in the hara so that you can occupy your incarnation with a sense of security." 

"The gift of seeing is phenomenally powerful. If you are hearing or reading this from a lens of thought, you may think that to see something means to understand something in thought, and sometimes that happens. But there is a power in just looking and seeing something, and the power of being curious and truly wanting to know."

"When attention opens in a spacious way, then you begin to discover the essence of what you are that is not defined as push and pull." 

"There is that which is always and ever present, a sense of witness that’s been observing our whole life in every moment. There’s some sense of 'That’s always been with me.' That’s a foretaste of this sense of our nature as the eternal. It is awareness that is unboundaried and infinite." 

"When self-referencing goes into overdrive, it starts to constellate around the sense of 'I'—what I want and don’t want, what I desire, etc.  This becomes the vortex of the separate self that is ensconced in these energetics that it plays offense and defense with."