Into the Sacred Mystery

Dublin Intensive ~ 8/19/18 4 MP3 Download 4 hrs. 11 min. $25.00

There is a deep impulse within us for connection that is extremely fundamental and could be called ‘the sacred.’ This impulse is also a discovery of what we are at our essential nature.

In this unique intensive of talks and dialogues led by Adyashanti and Mukti in Dublin, Ireland, together they explore intricacies of breaking free of any notions we may think we know about ourselves. They also reveal subtleties of inquiring into the unknowable yet sacred mystery of our pure being.  

Talk Topics Include:   

  • The Impulse for a Deeper Connection  
  • The Sense of the Sacred  
  • The Catch-22 of Discovering the Mystery  
  • Breaking Free of the Narrative  
  • The Union of Directed Attention and Global Awareness  
  • The Power of the Heart Center  
  • Freeing Up the Dualistic Paradigm  
  • Sensing the Space in Which Thoughts Arise  
  • Stepping Out of Lack  
  • Being Enlightened before You're Enlightened  
  • Listening with Your Whole Being  
  • Enlightenment Isn’t Static  

Q/A Topics Include:  

  • The Collapsing of the Witness  
  • Falling Awake  
  • Walking the Tightrope of Self  
  • Fear of the Precipice of Life  
  • Surrendering to When You Can’t Surrender  
  • Listening for the True Voice  
  • Consequences of Not Staying with What’s True  
  • How Can You Trust a Spiritual Teacher?  
  • Finding the Guide Inside You  
  • Experiencing the Real Void  

Quotes from this Download Set:  

“One of the common hallmarks of the spiritual impulse is the intuition or desire to break free of whatever boundaries that we feel we’re in, whether those boundaries are intellectual, emotional, or they’re a kind of boundary that we really can’t even put our finger on.” 

“Whenever we’re cut off from the sacred, it’s like we’re cut off from our roots.” 

“Asking ‘Who am I?’ is meant to take us to the boundary, to the edge of the known of who we think we are, who we imagine ourselves to be. We are right on the boundary between the known and the unknown, between the known self and the unknown self.” 

“When the witness collapses into the witnessed, that’s the experience of unity. It’s an intimate connection with all things and all beings.” 

“What is it like to stop trying to direct life all the time?” 

“‘What is it to abide and rest one’s attention here in the heart center?’” And what comes of that exploration? That’s the most important thing about inquiry—where does it deliver you to and what does it call forth in your being?” 

“We're waiting to have the right experience instead of exploring the nature of our current experience.” 

“Different traditions actually define enlightenment in somewhat different ways. Ultimately enlightenment is not about a particular way; it's about letting go so much and so completely that life or reality or realization experiences itself in whatever way it wants to experience itself in that moment.” 

“At any point along the way, you can realize that the real void is the one you're looking out of, not the one you're looking into.”  

Recorded in Dublin, Ireland on August 19, 2018. 
© 2018 by Adyashanti and Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

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