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What does it actually mean to be in balance and to express energetically a sense of balance in a truly undivided way? Mukti engages a profound inquiry into the nature of balance by examining the realm of being that contains all opposites, such as giving and receiving or listening and speaking. She invites us to sense and acknowledge our essential nature that is always oriented to balance, even when our thoughts or emotions orient to turbulence.  

Talk Topics Include: 

  • Balance from the Inside Out 
  • Energetic Aligning with What Is vs. What’s Missing 
  • The Simultaneous Expression of Opposites 
  • Sensing the Undivided Paradigm 
  • What Actually Is Stopping? or Moving? 
  • How True Inquiry Morphs the Initial Question 
  • Fully Receiving Life as It’s Given 

Q&A Topics Include: 

  • Grounding Energy into the Essential Ground  
  • What Is Present in All States? 
  • Prayer as a Blessing 
  • Not Resisting Grief or Anger 


“What is it that knows that balance is significant? What is it to be expressive of that knowing of balance to whatever degree it was already present versus trying to work towards something that you assume was missing, was out of reach, or not present?” 

“The coming together of opposites requires a kind of intimate discovery of who we are that’s expressive of the very ground where these opposing forces are not only harmonious but are seen as truly undivided.”  

“The body can be a tremendous doorway in allowing the formless to take form, which is really what awakening is. It’s that very ground of formlessness becoming conscious in form, and inhabiting and manifesting in form in a brighter and more self-recognizing way.”

Recorded in Santa Cruz, California on November 27, 2018.
© 2018 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

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