Form, Flow & Freedom

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There are two tracks along the spiritual path that are often vying for our attention. Do we give our attention to the essential nature of ourselves and of life, or give attention to the particulars of our lives and how we go about embodying our essential nature? Mukti describes the interplay of these two tracks, drawing from the energetics of yin-yang theory. Using the yin-yang symbol, she depicts how awareness flows to embodiment, and how form flows to liberation—and in this interflow, the distinction of subject and object can immesh in a way where both unity and uniqueness can be perceived and lived.

Topics Include:

  • When Objectifying Life Relaxes
  • Infinite Expressions of Distinction
  • Breaking Free of Human Boundaries
  • Form Wants Liberation and Awareness Wants Embodiment
  • Developing Intuitive Capacities for Being More Conscious
  • How Yin and Yang Transform into Each Other
  • Softening from “Witness as Subject” to “Witness as Whole”
  • Adya’s and Mukti’s Different Approaches to Meditation Posture


“When the state of the body is more subtle and refined, awareness is able to become more resident, conscious, and embodied. The space of our being is not being fraught with energies of push and pull that obscure conscious awareness.” 

“Spirituality can feel like a combination of form wanting to be rectified and liberated in the light of awareness, and awareness wanting to take shape and become embodied.”

“Sometimes when the experiencer comes to rest, then the sense of subject and object gives way into momenting.”

Recorded at Wellbeing Retreat Center in Tazwell, Tennesse on May 14, 2019.
© 2019 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

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