The Way of Receptivity

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What if the separation we experience and organize around in life isn’t as real as we assume? What if we could access an undivided paradigm that we could function from in our lives? In this retreat talk, Mukti invites us to see beyond the narrow confines of our identity and open to a deeper, wider, and more receptive way to sense—and navigate from—the true source of our being.

Topics Include:

  • Where the Relative and Existential Meet
  • Opening to the Movement of the Whole
  • Spacious Awareness
  • How Solutions Present Themselves in Open Receptivity
  • What Do You Really Trust?
  • Unpacking Division
  • Beyond the Paradigm of Concretization 
  • Settling into a Different Sense of Being


“We can sometimes feel like there are two parts of us, two tracks. There is the one with our relative human concerns of how we want to guide our experience and our life. And then there is another more existential track of being informed by a movement of something greater than our own narrative – something that we might sense that’s much more interconnected to the whole of life and to what expresses through all of us and all of creation.” 

“It’s not that having our sights set on something doesn’t have some place, but it’s the concretizing that can narrow the view of the whole. It can narrow our receptivity to other factors that are coming into play in a way that can perpetuate a sense of division from the whole, or separation from others or life.”

“We can be incredibly aware of what’s unfolding, but there’s an awareness that is not the kind that’s busy tracking all the variables and judging and labeling them as this or that.  It’s more of an open global attention that gives way to what I sometimes call spacious awareness.”

Recorded during the Ralston retreat in Mill Valley, California on November 2, 2019.
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