Three Part Harmony

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   On the enlightenment path, awakenings can manifest differently. Mukti delineates between three awakening centers in the body, and while they may each have their own signature, she shows how realizations in these areas can be harmonized. She illuminates how transcendence, devotion, and the knowningness of being can all become part of the whole equation of awakening.

Topics Include:

  • The Integration and Harmonization of Spirit
  • That Which Is Beyond Opposites
  • Three Types of Awareness
  • Transcendence and Union
  • The Knowingness of Being
  • Blending Meditation and Inquiry
  • Drop the Pebble Inquiry 


“Sometimes the emphasis of neo-Advaita towards the transcendent, or that which is beyond the opposites, can feel amiss for those who are more oriented toward perhaps a more heartful devotional path of union, where it feels like that transcendent is another version of separation.”

“Awakenings that quiet the mind greatly affect our belief structures and our thinking vantage points, but awakenings of the heart affect more the knowledge of experience, how we feel the world, know the world, and touch the world.”

“In the lower dantian, this area is associated with bringing consciousness to a knowingness of being that’s not a knowing in thought, or even a knowing in the recognition of the mind’s perception. It’s not so much a knowing in the realm of experience in this world of form—it’s more a knowingness of being that’s prior to our manifest nature.”

“In Zen, there’s an encouragement to sense unboundaried awareness, body awareness, and directed awareness.”

Recorded during the retreat at Vajrapani Institute in Boulder Creek, California on February 20, 2020.
© 2020 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

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