Being Breathed

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This complimentary download is a guided meditation from the 5-download set Garrison 2015 Meditations. The complete set is available for purchase.

About Garrison 2015 Meditations:

Experience the depth and expression of your fundamental being through Mukti's guided meditations. In this 5-download set, recorded live during a silent retreat at Garrison Institute in June 2015, Mukti leads five engaging guided meditations. These meditations invite the deepest surrender into ever-present peace and unity, allowing for conscious resting in our truest home. Each 35-45 minute meditation includes a guided meditation followed by a period of silence and a bell.

Meditation Titles:

•    Connecting the Human & the Divine
•    Bringing Presence to Patterns
•    Inviting What’s Most Wanted
•    Being Breathed
•    Being Home

Quotes from this Download Set:

'“The sound of the bell is the sound of your true self calling you home.”

“If there’s a sense that’s arising of any need to get closer to home, or to find home, or a movement in any way toward a notion of home, see if it’s possible to withdraw that feeling as if you’re tracing back to where that movement originates, as though traversing that energy back to its source.

“I invite you to sense anything in your experience or in your direct knowing that feels like it’s expressing a quality of home, already right now.”

Please Note:  The guided meditation "Being Home" is also available as a complimentary download.

Recorded during the Garrison retreat in Garrison, New York on June 7-12, 2015.
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