The Vantage Point

July 7, 2021 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 26 min. $10.00

The vantage point from which we perceive ourselves and life significantly impacts our state of being, the degree of our suffering or equanimity, or how we experience malalignment or alignment. Mukti offers powerful inquiries that can shift limited perspectives and awaken a wider view of the stillness of our essential being and the inter-connectedness all of life. 

Topics Include:

  • How Vantage Points Impact Lived Experience
  • Settling the Wheel of Thinking
  • Accessing the Global Field of Awareness
  • Inquiries for a New Perspective of Being
  • Unsticking the Central “I” Thought
  • What Really Is Stillness?


“There’s a tendency to entrench, concretize, and identify with given perspectives and make all kinds of conclusions that sometimes have a tendency to cause us a lot of suffering.”  

“It’s really quite revolutionary to contemplate and to hone our perception of that which is not defined by the overlay of thought.”

“The territory of contemplation is being willing to not figure something out or resolve it on the level of thinking mind, but still being willing to know on the level of being, on the level of direct experience. This is a powerful contemplation and the true spirit of inquiry.”

“One can have an experience of being a very distinct person, while simultaneously having a sense and knowledge—through direct experience—of one’s self that is infinite, that is not defined by a fixed location or boundary.”

Recorded in Santa Cruz, California on July 7, 2021.
© 2021 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved. 

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