From Witness to Awareness

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Mukti explores the important distinction between being between the witness of our experience and falling more deeply into the infinite awareness of our true nature. She also speaks about how we can live from the depth of this awareness in an embodied way.

Topics Include:

  • Being the Silent Witness and Awareness 
  • Going beyond the Observer
  • Inhabiting Your Incarnation from the Viewpoint of the Infinite 
  • The Joining of Our Infinite and Finite Natures


“What you are, fundamentally, must be something greater than what you can observe.”

“There can be an opening to awareness that need not concretize any given position as the ego or the witness.”

“When we’re aware in a very holistic way, then even the observer softens into the field of awareness.”

“We can inhabit our incarnation in a new way that’s not built on the dualism and division of the egocentric experience. That inhabiting can be quite different when we bring the perspective of our infinite nature.”

Recorded in Santa Cruz, California on April 23, 2022 during the online retreat, Shining the Light of Awareness in Our World.
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