A Call to Courage

Fall 2022 Online Retreat 9 MP3 Download 9 hrs. 51 min. $55.00

More than a call to any particular role or pursuit, the great spiritual call is to the discovery and expression of one’s essential being. To respond to this call does not take fearlessness, but it does take great courage. Your response requires a willingness that is total—a willingness to widen beyond the bounds of thought and to give the full measure of yourself to a greater order of living.

In this 9-download set from her online retreat, A Call to Courage, Mukti guides us to dive deep within and bring forth acts of courage within spiritual practice that are informed by and in service to profound union with the infinite Source of all.

Talk Topics Include:

  • The Call of Self-Realization
  • The Courage to Dive Deep in Spiritual Practice
  • The Faith to Step beyond Preferences
  • Restructuring the Narrative of Fear
  • The Courage of Fierce Love

Q&A Topics Include:

  • How Spirit Plays the Seeker and the Sought
  • Distinguishing between Presence and Emptiness
  • Diving into the Fullness of the Mystery
  • Facing the Darkest Place of My Life
  • Dealing with Stuck Energy, Depression, and Unloving Thinking
  • The Courage for Awakened Living
  • An Important Question that Deepens Spiritual Inquiry

Guided Meditation: 

  • Immovable Being
  • Allowing Life
  • Softness and Strength


“It takes great courage to engage our spiritual practice and to meet what arises in our consciousness, in our energetics, in our emotional inner life, but also in the unknown mystery of what we are.”  

“If you sit and allow things to come to rest, stop, and settle, and let yourself fill in the quietude and stillness, there can be a gathering of potency and presence and a clarity that will result in a greater expression of courage, of spirit, as spirit speaks through and steps forward through you.”

“It’s the very act of questioning and leaning into life and evoking the mystery to reveal itself that is so much of the part of the path of realization.”

Recorded in Santa Cruz, California on October 7-9, 2022.
© 2022-2023 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved. 

Item #: MED-1217

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