Coming, Going, Permanence

June 21, 2023 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 29 min. $10.00

Throughout one’s ever-changing experiences and states, there is an essential awareness that recognizes all states as they come and go. This ever-present awareness can be experienced as the “you” who bears witness to this life, but also as an essential beingness, not defined by surface doings, comings, and goings. Mukti explores the fundamental okayness that this essential beingness conveys and how it touches human suffering and elevates the human experience.

Topics Include:

  • The Myth of the Spiritual Persona
  • The Inevitability of Changing States
  • Accepting the Fluctuations in Life
  • Power in the Midst of Difficulty


“When all of the mapping and dividing up that happens super quickly in our spatial mind becomes more still, there can begin to be this sense of abiding as stillness itself.”

“The more we sense the eternal nature that’s present for all the comings and goings, the more we get a much deeper sense that everything’s constantly changing. It’s not permanent. It’s never going to repeat twice in the exact same way.”

“What is my relationship to the various states I can have? Is it possible to sense that this state is the present state, but it’s not a forever state?”

“Suffering lets us know when we’re off the mark or when things need to be attended to individually or collectively.”

Recorded in Santa Cruz, California on June 21, 2023.
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