Tending Brightness

February 7, 2024 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 30 min. $10.00

In this talk, Mukti speaks to the importance of skillfully stewarding the light of one’s attention, and to how one’s attention greatly contributes to awakening the brightness of essential being. She points to the three main centers of awakening—head, heart, and hara—which beckon for our attention and act as gateways of both perception and illumination. Mukti also encourages practitioners to dedicate intentional time to cultivating brightness in their core and depth in order to know greater joy and true satisfaction.

Topics Include:

  • Stepping Away from the Narrative of the Limited Self
  • Two Expressions of Brightness
  • Repatterning Consciousness
  • The Falling Away of the Experiencer


“The shine within you can come forward—it can shine through the layers of all the conditioning, and it can break through our notions of separate self. It can break through our preferences, our desires, our resistances.”

“We have the opportunity to turn within and to turn the light of our attention to a kind of stillness where we not only cease referencing all the objects of perception, but we cease referencing the ‘me’ narrative.”

“When we place our attention in each of these centers—head, heart, and hara—we are giving our attention to a very specific domain of being, an atmosphere of being that has a very unique expression of consciousness. When we offer our human consciousness to these centers, they come to light. It’s like a match that lights the wick of the candle.”

Recorded on February 7, 2024.
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