Merging into Oneness

May 8, 2024 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 26 min. $10.00

Mukti opens this talk much like a guided meditation, offering pointers to help facilitate the perception of oneness and encouraging us to align with the present moment. Then, in response to emailed questions, Mukti speaks to abiding in depth and how the life intelligence therein can guide decision-making and daily living.

Topics Include:

  • Quieting the Conceptual Mind
  • Bringing the Sense of Oneness to the Fore
  • The Practicality of Practice
  • Discovering the Rich Knowledge and Wisdom That Lies below Dualistic Thinking


“When narrative softens and recedes from the foreground, what comes into the foreground is everything else—the whole of this moment that the senses pick up on.”

“Practices like qi gong attune us with nature and the elements of nature and invite the very transmission of those elements to be more consciously received in the physical body and in the energy body.”

“Decisions that align us with our true nature are informed by listening below the surface of things, where we’re given cues about which way to lean.”

Recorded on May 8, 2024.
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