Deep Waters

June 5, 2024 1 MP3 Download $10.00

Weaving transcendence and humanity, Mukti takes listeners below the surface and speaks to expressions of depth—deep listening, seeing, and being.

She encourages experiencing humanity in its many forms and finding rich resonance, guidance, and ways of living that are informed by universal intelligence. Such intelligence is not subject to the limitations of dualistic thinking and expresses through the body in ways that become apparent when energy and attention reside “below the neck.”

Topics Include:

  • Escaping the Enslavement of Want
  • Cleaning out Our Closet of Concepts
  • Opening Your Psyche to Inspiration
  • Gather vs. Grip


“A lot tends to unpack itself and reveal in meditation, and that includes unconscious patterns that bubble up into the light of open awareness.”

“We can be discerning. We can be more conscious of what narratives we hold versus what narratives hold us.”

“To just sit and just be . . . it’s not sexy. It’s not flashy. But it can be deeply, deeply satisfying.”

Recorded on June 5, 2024.
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