Discovering What's Natural

February 12, 2010 $10.00

When we are consciously in our natural state of being, there is a knowing that’s beyond the mind—it’s a knowing of our entire being. In this gentle and authentic satsang, Mukti nvites us to inquire what it truly means to be one’s Self. Through a guided meditation, talk, and dialogues with the audience, she shows us how to inquire and relax into our naturalness and the great mystery of being that we are.
Topics Include: 

  • The Sense of Natural Being
  • What Is It to Be One’s Self?
  • Really Valuing Naturalness
  • Questions that Bring You into Beingness
  • The You Before Thought
  • Integrity with Experience
  • Beckoning the Unknown
  • Orienting Ourselves to Accept What Is

Quotes from this Download:

“I encourage you to find questions that feel natural to you and bring you into a sense of beingness, into a sense of curiosity about the mystery of what we are. These questions aren’t meant to spoil that mystery or solve that mystery, but to invite us into that source of being.”

“If you become clear within yourself about what you value most dearly, then the other things that you value will find their relation to that.” 

Recorded in Portland, OR, on February 12, 2010.
© 2010 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-157