Aware Space

April 4, 2017 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 48 min. $10.00

The spiritual search is often fraught with seekers striving hard to achieve union by going from some current state to a projected realized state. Yet this inner division is an illusionary gap. Mukti reveals a different way of kinesthetically experiencing unity and sensing the limitless aware space that transforms the division we create.

Talk Topics Include:

  • A Different Way of Sensing Unity
  • The Misalignment of Resistance and Grasping
  • Responding to Life from Peace
  • Loosening the Fixed Self
  • Closing the Gap of Inner Division
  • The Importance of Posture in Meditation
  • Experiencing Alignment through the Heart Center

Q&A Topic:

  • Marrying Presence and Person

Quotes from this Download:

“As your sense of occupying a fixed position softens, you may have a sense of yourself described as Aware Space—a space that’s alive with receptivity, activity, and expression.”

“The sense of self is like a tight muscle in our body that is fixed. When we massage that muscle by bringing our attention to what is not conscious, it moves around and can no longer hold its tension pattern; it loosens and yields.”

“There can be a sense of peace that can then be available to respond to whatever’s happening. And sometimes that response can look quiet and sometimes it can look very active. But that activity need not necessarily be fraught with aversion or desire.”

“When you align with the heavens and the earth, this is a much bigger expression of body that’s not just the inner microcosm—we’re aligning with the whole macrocosm.”

“The more we become a vessel for Beingness to express freely, the more the residue of That takes up residence in our form.”

Recorded in Santa Cruz, California on April 4, 2017./em>
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