Expressions of Spirit

Excerpts from Retreat with Mukti 6 MP3 Download 4 hrs. 16 min. $29.00

This download set includes two selected talks and four guided meditations from Mukti’s 2014 retreat at Vajrapani. In the talks, Mukti explores subtle aspects of awakening to the unified nature of reality. She offers vital distinctions in inquiry that enable us to rest more easily as the freedom of being, and be more fluid in how we express and respond from this liberated place. The guided meditations invite you to experience the depth and expansiveness of the fundamental nature of being. Each of the meditation downloads includes a guided meditation followed by a period of silence and a bell.

Talk Topics Include:

  • The Inseparability of Emptiness and Fullness
  • Spirit Needs Human Form, Human Form Needs Spirit
  • Expressing Yourself from Beingness
  • Befriending Your Patterns
  • Inquiring into the Content of Experience
  • Revealing the Mystery through Inquiry

Meditation Titles: Offering Spaciousness to Thought / This Moment Afresh / What Is the I Am?/ Welcoming All Experience

Recorded in Boulder Creek, California on October 27-30. 2014.
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Item #: CDA-528