Humanness and Beingness

Jun 6-7, 2018 & Nov 11, 2015 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 48 min. $10.00

In this special broadcast of Radio Adyashanti, guest teacher Mukti explores the dynamic polarities of human and divine, doing and being, stillness and action. She invites an inquiry into how these apparent opposites connect, and offers ways to create open space within which the inquiry can unfold. Dialogues with callers further explore and clarify this rich territory of awakening and embodiment.

Topics Include:

  • Connecting the Human and the Divine
  • The Senses as Portals
  • Resting in Eternal Being
  • Caller 1: Shifting out of "I"
  • Caller 2: Simultaneous Being and Doing
  • Caller 3: How to Be with the Fear of Awakening
  • Caller 4: Will and Spiritual Practice
  • Caller 5: True Manifesting

Quotes from this Download:

"Give yourself room to rest in beingness. Bring curiosity into the open space of your heart."

"Giving space and time to being will have an effect on your clarity. Before you become too involved in a person or situation, you can rest in beingness. When you acknowledge that you don’t know, you can open to a more subtle truth or appropriateness to the situation. When you create a space for decisions, then life’s expression is supported."

"Even in the midst of activity and external engagement, you can rest in eternal being." 

"Space tends to open what is contracted and constricted so that which feels separate can harmonize."

"Each person’s path is completely unique to them."

"The new paradigm is only knowing the next step."

Recorded on November 11, 2015.
© 2015 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDR-210