Perpetual Allowance

September 5, 2012 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 42 min. $10.00

When the body is in the grips of an emotion or pattern of holding, we can open our attention to that which is always functioning in perpetual allowance. In this comprehensive satsang, Mukti begins with a talk about including the whole gamut of human experience from the perspective of our infinite nature. Helpful dialogues with callers illuminate how curiosity can enable us to step out of stuckness, how to smooth fiery and urgent energies, and how to allow everything to be liberated into the space of being.

Topics Include: Sensing Life as a Whole / Setting Yourself Aside / Letting Go of the Referee of Experience / Source as Primordial Stillness / The Energies That Inform the Body / The Savings Account of Energy / Wanting to be Loved / Where the Voice of Yearning Originates / The Body as a Touchstone / Yin Receptivity and Yang Clarity / Navigating New Territory / A Reservoir of Pure Potential

Quotes from this Download: “Let your attention be cast as wide as it will go, to enfold all of your mind and body.” • “When your attention widens, it may no longer feel like attention because it’s not being directed.” •  “You can get a sense of your nature that is open to everything, not in the way the ‘me’ allows things, but in the sense that it’s incapable of pushing things away.” • “When you stop and listen, that offering of attention is like somebody laying their hand on you and just being there.” • “This felt sense of intimacy with all things, when it drops down into the belly, is like the savings account of energy, not like the checking account where you’re engaging the mind.”
Recorded on September 5, 2012.
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