Retreat with Mukti Vol. 2
Shambhala Mtn.Center ~ May2011 12 MP3 Download 14 hrs. 29 min. $65.00

This 12-download set offers Mukti's engaging talks, transformative guided meditations, and insightful inquiry dialogues from her 5-night silent retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center.

Topics Include: Stories about Adyashanti / The Energy of Transformation / Being an Open Bowl / Allowing the Mind to Unwind / Faith in Your Own Nature / Bless and Release / Drop-the-Pebble Inquiry / The Perfume of Presence / How to Ask “Who Am I?” / Working with Resistance / What Is True Acceptance? / The Spirit of Adyashanti / Allowing Grief / How Does “I” Locate Itself?

Quotes from this Download Set: “Attend to what doesn’t resist." • “Embodiment is knowing yourself as all of life.” • “Be the looking, not the looker.” • “If there’s meditation without inquiry, there’s no flowering.” • “Inquiry need not be a question but can be an attitude towards what is arising.” • “Prayer is carrying your intention to the root.”

Important Notes: Sound quality varies. Two talks from this retreat are also available as a 2-CD Album from the online Bookstore and a two-download set entitled, “Gateways to Transformation.”

Recorded on May 22–27, 2011 in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado.
© 2011 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-244