Retreat with Mukti Vol. 3

Vajrapani ~ Nov. 2011 11 MP3 Download 15 hrs. 11 min. $65.00

Join Mukti in the depth of silent retreat. This 11-download set offers engaging talks, transformative guided meditations, and insightful inquiry dialogues from her 5-night silent retreat at Vajrapani Institute.

Numerous and Varied Topics Include: 

  • The Lap of Stillness
  • The Compass of the Inner Guru
  • Accessing the Heart's Knowing
  • Being Lax in Spirituality
  • Injecting Real Curiosity
  • What Question Draws You?
  • Transformational Questions
  • Sensing vs. Naming Experience
  • Emptiness Looking
  • An Orientation Towards Wholeness
  • The Iron Mountain
  • Our Limitless Self
  • Willingness to Not Know
  • Stop, Drop, and Roll

Quotes from this Download Set: 

"Get to know awareness—any conclusion about it makes it just ‘a place to visit.’"

"Know that the absolute form of every life form is already liberated."

"There is a you that is prior to birth and death."

"Listen from the sense of now."

"There's a difference between 'Wanting to be present' and 'What is presence?'"

Please Note: The Sunday guided meditation and morning satsang on November 6, 2011 were not recorded and are not included in this download set.

Recorded in Boulder Creek, CA on Nov 1–6, 2011.
© 2011–2012 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-276