Rooting Spirit in Humanity

October 4, 2011 1 MP3 Download 2 hrs. 8 min. $10.00

How do spirit and form, together, seamlessly express as our humanity? Using guided meditation and pointer, Mukti invites listeners into a living sense of the undivided self, eroding divisions such as self/other, inside/outside, and spirit/form. She guides us not only to rest into ourselves as spirit, but to recognize how spirit's presence permeates all forms of life and engages the whole of our human instrument.

Topics Include:

  • Wide Open Meditation
  • The Seamlessness of Spirit and Form
  • Whole Body Perception
  • The Perfume of Spirit
  • Relaxing the Sense of Self
  • Doing Nothing vs. Nothing You Can Do
  • Clarity Born of Allowance
  • Sensing Presence in Lived Activity

Quote from this Download:  “There is a subtle belief that there’s one self that’s spirit and one that is form. We can believe they are two, but actually the sense of spirit perfumes the world of form.”

Recorded in Berkeley, California on October 4, 2011.
© 2011 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-262