Stepping Out of Time

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Stepping Out of Time ~ January 24, 2013

The sense of separate self is largely built of thoughts of one's past and future which give rise to a virtual inner reality, bound in time—leaving one longing for the Supreme Reality. Mukti speaks of a response to this longing: a conscious recognizing of how one's mind and body organize around time and a conscious attending to the eternal present. Through guided meditation, a talk, and dialogues, Mukti invites a stepping out of time—out of its binding patterns and conceptual boxes—to bring forth the alive, fresh expression of our true and timeless being.

Topics Include:

  • The Direct Sense of Now
  • The Dividing Thought
  • Avoiding Where We Are
  • The Difficulty in Letting Go
  • Fresh Expression in This Moment
  • Life and Death Are Intertwined
  • Showing Up for Pain and Trauma
  • The Infinite Heart

Quotes from this Download:

“When we organize around definitions or ideas, we remove ourselves from the sense of the present moment.”

“The only thing that can withstand immense pain is the unconditioned aspect of our being.”

“When you focus on the object you want to love, you lose sense of the love that is at your center.”

Recorded in Berkeley, California on January 15, 2013.
© 2013 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.


Item #: CDA-367