Stepping Out of Time

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Stepping Out of Time ~ January 24, 2013

The sense of separate self is largely built of thoughts of one's past and future which give rise to a virtual inner reality, bound in time—leaving one longing for the Supreme Reality. Mukti speaks of a response to this longing: a conscious recognizing of how one's mind and body organize around time and a conscious attending to the eternal present. Through guided meditation, a talk, and dialogues, Mukti invites a stepping out of time—out of its binding patterns and conceptual boxes—to bring forth the alive, fresh expression of our true and timeless being.

Topics Include: The Direct Sense of Now / The Dividing Thought / Avoiding Where We Are / The Difficulty in Letting Go / Fresh Expression in This Moment / Life and Death Are Intertwined / Showing Up for Pain and Trauma / The Infinite Heart

Quotes from this Download: “When we organize around definitions or ideas, we remove ourselves from the sense of the present moment.” • “The only thing that can withstand immense pain is the unconditioned aspect of our being.” • “When you focus on the object you want to love, you lose sense of the love that is at your center.”

Recorded in Berkeley, California on January 15, 2013.
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Item #: CDA-367