The Koan of Balance

December 14, 2016 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 37 min. $10.00

How do we live in a state of balance amidst the common chaos during the holiday season? Mukti identifies what causes imbalance and explores the living koan of balance. By setting your intention in a conscious and intuitive way, you can return to your guiding principles and let balance be restored naturally, thereby nourishing yourself and all of humanity.

Topics Include:

  • Balance as a Living Koan
  • Viewing Imbalances as Helpful Guides
  • Realigning with Our Intuitive Balance
  • Balance as an Evolving Principle
  • Orienting towards Our Purpose
  • Nourishing the Quietness of Being
  • Caller #1: Opening to Peace
  • Caller #2: Resting in the Unknown
  • Caller #3: Stepping into Joy

Quotes from this Download:

"Whatever we give our attention to grows. By aligning with our best intention, we can greatly influence our internal environment, which leads to changes in our external circumstances."

"Creating an internal and external environment of balance is not only supportive to yourself, but to a sense of well-being that can benefit the collective."

"Prayer can be an environment where we might cleanse ourselves of what is pulling us out of balance. It can also be an environment where we can express benevolence or blessing in the world."

Recorded on December 14, 2016.
© 2016 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDR-226