The Pathfinder's Koan

Retreat Talk 1 MP3 Download 57 min. $10.00

There is an unspoken koan that often perplexes seekers on the spiritual journey: “Do I trust the way life is seemingly unfolding, or do I trust my internal compass and make my own path?” Drawing on stories from her own spiritual quest, Mukti explores closing the gap between these two different pathways. She imparts an undivided way of experiencing trust that relaxes the struggle with this koan and frees us up to more easily find our path in life.

Talk Topics Include:

  • Mukti’s Spiritual History
  • Our Limited Notions of Trust
  • The Koan of Your Way vs. The Way
  • The Dance of Choice
  • Innate Wisdom
  • Things Are as They Are
  • When Trust Completes Itself

Quotes from this Download:

“What is a way of being that’s expressive of trust that is beyond subject and object?”

“How is it to have the experience of the One navigating our life, and how is it to feel like we’re the one finding our way? There is a posture of being that’s not extrapolating distance, where there isn’t a ‘me’ that is trying to get from Point A to Point B out there.”

“Things are just as they are, whether we let them be or not.”

Recorded live on retreat in Chester, Connecticut on May 16, 2017.
© 2017 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-703