The Question Within

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Deep spiritual inquiry contains powerful, guiding, and liberating potential. In order for this authentic discovery to arise, subtle and conscious attunement is required. In this retreat talk, Mukti details inquiry methods that work beyond the boundaries of mind. She shares  the key to identifying your most suitable and profound inquiry question, and then how to hold and sense that question so that the intelligence of Spirit emerges.

Talk Topics Include:

  • The Absolute and Relative Aspects of Being
  • Integrating Our Spirit and Human Nature
  • Inquiry Questions that Truly Resonate
  • How to Hold a Question
  • Being Available for Real Discovery
  • The Significance of Clarifying Your Question
  • The Coming Together of Knowing and Not Knowing
  • The Falling Away of the Questioner
  • Yin and Yang Aspects of Inquiry

Quotes from this Download:

“The spirit of inquiry is to see what might be revealed in engaging the heart’s true interest.”

“At the moment of discovering what you’re deeply interested in, the sense of knowing that it’s important and vital seems to come from a place that already knows that very thing.”

“Once a question is really clarified, it’s already at work.”

“Much of inquiry is about where the connection with a question is felt in your being.”

“There’s a way that your consciousness enters the rippling of a question where the life of the question becomes the life of the answer. Not only do the question and answer seem to be inseparable, but also the questioner enters the question so completely that the questioner is at one with the expression of stillness.”

Recorded live at the Ralson White Retreat in Mill Valley, California on November 18, 2017.
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Item #: CDA-721