Trajectory of Spirituality

December 4, 2012 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 51 min. $10.00

In spirituality, people often pursue enlightenment with the notion that the search will end in some grand conclusion of known revelation. But as Mukti points out, evolving spiritually involves the increasing capacity to live without any fixed position of knowing. In this elucidating satsang, Mukti explores growing more at ease with the unknown, giving attention to—and resting in—the open quietude of our essential nature that does not resist any experience, and inquiring into habitual tendencies that take us away from this true beingness.

Topics Include:

  • The Opening within Loss
  • Greatening Your Capacity for the Unknown
  • How Attachment Is Often Misunderstood
  • Surrendering Resistance
  • What Never Struggles
  • The Vitality in How Life Moves
  • Is Suffering Necessary for Freedom?
  • Following Your Body’s Resonance

Quotes from this Download:

“The trajectory of spirituality is the capacity to become more and more comfortable with not having to know.”

“Rather than spirituality being about wanting to get out of suffering, it’s about being all in and showing up for all of it.”

“The changeless touches and transforms our experience of what changes.”

Recorded in Berkeley, California on December 4, 2012.
© 2012 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-359