Wisdom of Being

December 1, 2015 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 52 min. $10.00

There is a profound wisdom that reveals itself when we truly offer ourselves to this moment. But what is it to truly offer yourself to this moment? Mukti explores seemingly opposite ways we can avail ourselves: giving vs. receiving, listening vs. expressing, meditating vs. inquiring, and knowing vs. unknowing. She describes a posture of availability that blends each of these opposites and allows for the infinite capacity of being to bring forth its guiding wisdom.

Talk Topics Include:

  • Offering Yourself to this Moment
  • The Open Posture of Availability
  • A Receptive State of Prayer
  • The Blending of Opposites
  • Living with Paradoxes
  • Wisdom of Being

Q&A Topics Include:

  • How to Ground Overwhelm Energy
  • The Healing Capacity of Our Infinite Nature
  • Freeing Your Conditioning

Quotes from this Download:

“Being available to this moment is like the gesture of an open palm that is both a giving and a receiving.”

“Prayer can be a deep process where we become the prayer through our whole posture of being.”

“When you resist suffering it makes it worse.”

“The terrain of concretization is duality.”

“Sense the openness of the infinite; that’s where change happens.”

Recorded in Berkeley, California on December 1, 2015.
© 2015 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-593