Your Enlightened Expression

October 8, 2014 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 26 min. $10.00

How can you discover and express your enlightened nature right now? Many people view enlightenment as an event in time that completely changes everything. In this enlivening satsang, Mukti demonstrates how to invite forth your capacity to express your true nature and tune in to who and what you authentically are. This bright awareness transforms difficulties from being something that you just want to get through, to being an arena that brings your sincerity and authenticity alive.

Topics Include:

  • When Consciousness Comes Online
  • Two Tracks of Spirituality
  • The Liberating Power of Spirit
  • Mukti’s Experience of Adyashanti’s Teacher
  • A Recognition of Sincerity of Heart
  • Sensing Others’ Qualities in Ourselves
  • A Greater Sense of Ease at Work
  • Shifting Our Attention from Noise
  • How to Listen Underneath the Words
  • Attuning to the Love of Connection

Quotes from this Download:

“Your nature as the infinite has ample room to receive what’s coming up.”

“Sometimes we’re less conscious of our own expressions that are already undivided in a wholehearted or holistic way. The recognition of them begets a greater sense of our true nature.”

“This is an opportunity to open your attention to what you value right now, not in the future.” 

“Often people see only the suffering side; they may feel like they are seeking the enlightened expression and not recognize that it has been present all along in its resolve to show up for whatever is happening.”

“To be as sincere as possible is often a doorway for people to express their enlightened nature.”
Recorded on October 8, 2014.
© 2014 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDR-193