The Teaching of Resistance


Resistance is an indicator that gives us an opportunity to look more closely at our experience. Mukti invites you to explore how resistance plays out in the embodiment of awakening. She shows how resistance can be your greatest teacher and transform your lived experience of being.

Topics Include:

  • How Resistance Manifests
  • Learning from Resistance
  • Having Compassion for Your Resistance
  • Being Aware of What You Are Resisting
  • Resisting your Resistance
  • Releasing the Existential Clench in the Gut
  • The Arising of Inner Division
  • Seeing through the ‘I’ Center
  • Caller 1: Resisting the Need for Sleep
  • Caller 2: Having a Conversation with Resistance


“When you think of resistance as not optimal for your spiritual practice, then that becomes resisting your resistance.” 

“There may be a very good reason that resistance is coming up in your experience. It may be trying to get your attention and have you look at something in your experience more closely.”

“If we can accept the inputs of resistance and learn from it, then we may be able to move beyond the felt discomfort of that resistance. Then the energy of resistance has done its job and can release.”

“The path of becoming more conscious is knowing ourselves as that which has been bearing witness to all of our life.”

Recorded in San Jose, California on May 29, 2019.

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Item #: M_2TOR
2 Audio CDs. Running time: 1 hr. 43 min. 
© 2019 by Mukti Gray.

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