Doorways to Realization


Navigating the path to self-knowledge requires engaging differing tracks of experience. Mukti speaks to the personal and existential, or relative and absolute, tracks of this journey and to the key inquiries that open doors to facets of self-realization. Learn which doorways may most deepen your realization and serve the integrated expression of your spirit and human natures.

Talk Topics Include:

  • The Simultaneity of Giving and Receiving
  • Yin and Yang Expressions of Awakening
  • Three Pivotal Orienting Inquiries
  • Abiding As Stillness
  • The Absolute & Relative Tracks of Experience
  • Being the Knowing
  • Facets of Allowing What Is
  • The Unconditional Love of Spirit
  • Unifying Spirit and Human Realms
  • Being a Steward of What’s Precious


“There is a curiosity about awareness that reaches the point where we start to transition beyond ‘What is my experience of awareness?’ to ‘What is being awareness itself?’ It’s one step further toward softening the sense of self from abiding in awareness to abiding as That.” 

“We each have our entry points to realization that we need. None are lesser.” 

“There’s a kind of relinquishing of one’s personal steering of life, personal managing, personal agendas, and having faith in something other than one’s sense of personal self, an attunement to something that is not defined by that kind of steering.” 

“Sense your nature as Spirit that is always and ever allowing.” 

Recorded live on retreat in Tazewell, Tennessee on October 21, 2017. 

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© 2017 by Mukti Gray.

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