“Retreat is an opportunity to set aside the concerns of the ‘me’ and to tend to that which is wholly unconcerned and yet unconditionally allows, without pushing away even the smallest desire. By being willing to let one’s attention relax out of the concerns of the me and return to the ever-present presence of Awareness, one can disidentify with ego and come to know Awareness to be the sum and substance of existence. You are already and always this Awareness. To fully realize this, cease cherishing thought. Cease energizing the thinking mind that distracts you from this very knowing. Cherishing thought comes at a price, which is inner division, separation, and suffering. Seize this opportunity to value the priceless pearl of the one true Self.” ~ Mukti

An Invitation to Silence

While every retreat is unique, it is the emphasis on attunement to silence in Open Gate Sangha’s retreats that makes them so transformational. In silence, deep realization spontaneously blooms. Silence is a powerful retreat container. It supports deep insight and unfolding into Truth. Participants work together to create and nurture this container by dedicating themselves to silence and by giving themselves to the schedule and structure of the retreat.


In practice, silence at Open Gate Sangha retreats means not speaking or writing notes to others, not gesturing, and not texting or using phones or computer devices. These commitments allow everyone on retreat to fully support and benefit from the transformational gift of a silent container, maintained by all present.

Being Ready for Retreat

Retreatants are asked to come to the retreat prepared to be fully present, with loose ends tied up at work and at home; with all business completed before retreat; and with arrangements with loved ones made, in order to help maintain the silence. This shared depth of intention allows for an undistracted experience of surrender, free of distractions, that is not often possible in daily life.

The structure and schedule of a silent retreat can be challenging both physically and psychologically.

For those who have special physical/medical needs, please visit the Retreat Special Needs Page for information that may be helpful when planning for a retreat.

If you are currently under the care of a mental health professional, we encourage you to review the important information on The Challenges and Opportunities of Retreat Page.

The Daily Schedule

The schedule offered at Mukti’s retreats uniquely reflects her sense and experience of what best supports awakening. The deep silence of meditation coupled with focused inquiry are the ground and seed from which awakening flowers. Among other topics, Mukti will speak to meditation and inquiry during retreat.

Because the schedule is a vital part of the retreat container, if you cannot arrive on time and plan to stay through the end, we require that you not attend the retreat. This shared commitment to be present in entirety supports both the individual and the whole group to experience the depth of retreat.

Day 1: Check-in is 3:00-5:00 pm. After check-in, there is a dinner break followed by a retreat orientation and a short talk from Mukti. While no retreat sessions beyond the first day are mandatory, we do ask that you attend the orientation, as it will include safety guidelines and other important information about the week.

Daily Activities: Each full day of retreat begins at 7:30 am and ends at 9:30 pm. Each day includes several periods of meditation, sessions with Mukti (a morning talk, guided meditation, and evening dialogues), and three meals/breaks.

Last Day: The retreat officially ends just before lunch. (Lunch is provided but attendance is optional.)

Participation Requirements

Mukti requires that all attendees arrive on time for retreat (3:00-5:00 pm on the first day) and stay at the retreat site through the end of the retreat (just before lunch on the last day).

Our retreats are held in full silence. Please see the blue highlighted section on the Practice of Silence above.

“The entire structure of these retreats is something I’ve developed over many years to both support the flowering of realization and challenge the various ways that we hold on and resist letting go into the Truth. Whether you feel drawn to attend retreat or not, I encourage you to enter into the spirit of retreat, into a wholehearted commitment to eternal Truth here and now.”
~ Mukti

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