Under the Overlay of “Me”

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Often when people meditate, there is a sense of self doing the meditation that is trying to achieve some intention or goal, such as greater peace, awareness, or awakening. Mukti explores how getting under the overlay of the meditator, or the “me,” gives way to an intimacy with the moment which reveals our true being. She also gives guidance on dealing with grips of the ego, such as fear, and allowing all expressions of form from our underlying formless nature.

Topics Include:

  • When the Meditator Gives Way to Being
  • Freeing Fear
  • Releasing the Existential Grip of Ego
  • What Is the Nature of Form Itself?
  • Wanting to Keep Returning to Silence
  • The Alchemy of Being Honest with Your Experience
  • The Dance of Formlessness and Form 


“There can be a resonant sense of center that’s really grounded and rooted. But that typically comes without a sense of identification as that. It simply is, and expresses its nature as a sense of center without identity.”

“Whether we have a sense of separate self or an identity as a united self, we are still imprisoned to an idea, and then we rob ourselves of the direct intimacy of experience that doesn’t have the overlay of ideas.”

“Pointers in deep meditation are meant to elicit feeling the simplicity of ‘Am,’ a simplicity of Being that is a lived experience, an unfettered state of being that’s not complicated by the overlay of ‘me.’”

“Awakening is about that which is aware of form becoming conscious of the very nature of form itself.”

Recorded in San Jose, California on February 24, 2021.
© 2021 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved. 

Item #: DS-1173