The Divine Self

November 17, 2021 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 38 min. $10.00

The path of self-realization is one that integrates humanity and dvinity.  The two are absolutely interdependent, yet each exists uniquely. Through practices of becoming conscious of our true nature and how it aids in dismantling difficult human conditioning, we can discover what Mukti refers to as our “divine expression”—that which expresses as everlasting and eternal, yet ever-changing and new.

Topics Include:

  • The Divine Individual
  • The Essence of Who We Are
  • The Knowingness that’s Built-In to Beingness
  • Awareness beyond the Boundaries of Self
  • Sensing Your Nature as Consciousness
  • Involuntary Movement During Meditation
  • Authentic Intuition


“The divine is essential in who and what we are as human beings. It's not owned by anyone in particular, and yet it has a spark in each person. The more you recognize it in yourself, the more you can recognize it another person.”

“When momentum slows down and quiets, it's as though the dust starts to clear and you have a greater sense of what is primary in yourself, in your being, and in this larger display of being that we call ‘the moment.’” 

Recorded in Santa Cruz, California on November 17, 2021.
© 2021 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved. 

Item #: MED-1191

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