Pivotal Teachings of Adyashanti

Winter 2022 Online Retreat 9 MP3 Download 9 hrs. 25 min. $55.00

In this unique and encapsulating online retreat, Mukti shares her experiences, stories, and perspectives on many of Adyashanti’s key teachings. The 9-download set contains all of her talks, responses to emailed questions, and guided meditations from the retreat (December 2022).

Talk Topics Include:

  • Feeling at Home in Your Fundamental Being
  • Key Meditation Pointers from Adya
  • Exploring Your Relationship to Thought
  • Observing Self-Referencing
  • Peace That’s Already Here, Now
  • Consciousness as Transmission
  • Insights into Adya’s Teaching on “What Am I?”

Q&A Topics Include:

  • Gaining Clarity from Unpleasant States
  • Intimacy with What’s Occurring
  • Applying the Inquiry: “What’s the Most Important Thing?”
  • How to Work with Shame, Anxiety & Limitations
  • A Doorway to Resting as Pure Presence
  • Fear of Dissolving into the Void
  • How What We Do Affects the Whole

Guided Meditation Topics:

  • Blending Opposites
  • Beyond Body and Mind
  • Gift of the Moment


“One of the greatest gifts that Adya has encouraged in his students is to truly stand in your own authority, to not abdicate your authority to any teacher, to him or anyone else, and to abide in that part of yourself that’s discriminating, that’s listening for what rings true.”

“When self-referencing quiets down, you get a sense of true meditation.”

“There’s a misunderstanding with enlightenment or awakening that we would reach a state where we aren’t beholden to limitations.”

“There is this opportunity to let go of the rope of trying to control life and to approach it in a way where we have wonderful input and powers to change the course of things . . . those (powers) come from a sense of clarity and wisdom that’s not compromised by our energies going into resistance and battle.”

“Who would you be without a thought, feeling, or an emotion to tell you what you are?”

Recorded in Santa Cruz, California on December 9-11, 2022.
© 2022-2023 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved. 

Item #: MED-1213

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