Sensing Conscious Being

March 14, 2018 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 31 min. $10.00

What is it that is living this life that’s not defined by a notion of ‘me’ or a separate self? What is it that is aware of our experience, and how is this different from a knowingness at the level of being? Mukti explores subtle meanings of self-realization and self-knowledge and how the sense of conscious being can come forward in our experience in a more engaged way.

Topics Include:

  • Self-Realization and Self-Knowledge
  • Key Pointers to Realization
  • Being Engaged with Life
  • The Direct Experience of Conscious Being
  • Knowingness at the Level of Being
  • Inviting Knowing Forward
  • The Sense of Being Aware and Alive
  • Relinquishing Grasping and Aversion
  • A State of Openness and Receptivity
  • Caller 1: Pure Consciousness vs. Individuated Consciousness
  • Caller 2: Letting Go into the Unknown
  • Caller 3: Navigating Resistance
  • Caller 4: Resistance and Fear

Quotes from this Download:

“What is it that knows and registers that sense of ‘I do exist’ or ‘I don’t exist’? I invite you to drop that question into your being, and not have it be a question that your mind tries to seek an answer to.”

“Awareness is that which perceives all of the senses, whereas knowingness on the level of being may feel more like that which experiences, registers, and engages in all that the senses take in.”

“The term ‘awareness’ is a pointer to back up out of a sense of ‘I’ and to rest in a sense of that which is aware.”

“Experiencing life through the senses is richer and more palpable than some kind of awareness that is apart from what it was aware of. There is a feeling of being engaged, becoming alive, and aware in the entire being.”

Recorded on March 14, 2018 
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Item #: CDR-274