Stillness, Allowance, Love

February 3, 2015 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 53 min. $10.00

There is a fundamental nature of our being that transmits a sense of unconditional presence. It is incapable of grasping for, or pushing away, any experience. It’s a stillness that is always present, and yet it is beyond any reference or definition. Through a guided meditation, talk, and dialogues, Mukti explores how we can settle into this ever-allowing stillness and access a kind of love that is truly unconditional.

Talk Topics Include:

  • Beyond the Sense of “Me”
  • Settling into the Stillness of Being
  • Spirit Expresses through Form
  • Awareness without Boundary
  • What Actually Is Stillness?
  • How Awareness Functions through the Head, Heart, and Hara
  • The Source of Love

Q&A Topics Include:

  • Knowing Which Questions to Ask
  • Seeing Beauty Inside and Out
  • Engaging Your Experience without Investment

Quotes from this Download:

“Awareness receives all experience and expresses itself as all expressions in life.”

“There is a difference between knowing love as an experience and coming to know the love which you are.”

“Love is not something that we need to acquire; rather, it is already here.”

“Meditation is the intention to stop and rest, and know yourself as pure Being, beyond any reference or definition.”

Recorded in Berkeley, California on February 3, 2015.
© 2015 by Mukti Gray. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-535